Temperature & Humidity Mapping Data Collection Services

Welcome to Temperature Data Collection Services Ltd. (TeDaC Ltd) who offer a full Temperature and Humidity mapping survey service for a variety of storage facilities; in particular Pharmaceuticals, Life Science and Hospitals.

TeDaC Ltd. was founded in 2007 by Chris Bell, Chris is an industry professional who gained experience whilst working with a specialist temperature mapping company. Before forming TeDaC, Chris served for 24 years in the Armed Forces working on gas turbine engines and helicopter airframes, finishing his service as a commissioned officer in the RAF.

MHRA, HPRA and FDA regulations

MHRA, HPRA and FDA regulations detail a requirement to ensure adequate protection of pharmaceutical products in store from variations in temperature, these regulations ensure that adequate monitoring and mapping procedures are carried out as part of the licensing process. A detailed temperature/humidity map helps to identify hot and cold spots from which remedial action can be carried out to ensure the integrity of the product.

TeDaC offer a comprehensive temperature and validation service from surveying, planning and placement of temperature and humidity probes, to the analysis and presentation of data.

Not only do TeDaC reports satisfy both internal and external customer audit requirements, but also meet the needs of regulatory authorities such as the MHRA, FDA and HPRA (formerly the IMB) for compliance with GxP and WDA(H) licencing regulations. TeDaC has ISO 9001/2015 certification as well as being a member of the Federation of Small Businesses.

empty cold storage shelves in warehouse
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Temperature mapping survey reports

From incubators and ambient warehouses, to refrigerated cold rooms and cryo freezers, we offer temperature mapping in locations as diverse as hospitals, storage and distribution warehouses and life science premises where controlled environmental conditions are of the utmost importance.

Hospital, pharmaceutical and the life science industries have specific requirements within which we can offer particular expertise. Regulations stipulate that these areas must be protected from significant variations in temperature. The licensing process requires that proper temperature monitoring and mapping procedures by a qualified professional are in place.

The detailed temperature mapping report we produce assists in the identification of possible hot or cold spots in the areas concerned, enabling appropriate remedial action to be taken to ensure product integrity. You will receive a hard copy report by courier, which will also include a soft copy on disc. The report contains the initial protocol; with comments, conclusions and recommendations for the survey. Also included is the temperature data in tabular form, schematic diagrams of the facility, graphs for each sensor and calibration certificates traceable to national standards.

We invite you to review the extensive list of companies who have relied on TeDaC Ltd to successfully undertake and complete temperature mapping projects.

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